Tips for Caring for Umbrellas

When it rains the umbrella is certainly a mainstay. There are a lot of umbrella’s type and of them is giant umbrella. Unfortunately, we often don’t pay attention to the condition of the umbrella. Not infrequently, the umbrella becomes torn and leaks when used. In order to continue to be used properly, here are some ways to care for umbrellas.

Do not fold
For folding umbrella models, after you finish using it you should not immediately fold. Tap the umbrella gently to the floor or aerate it for a moment. It is intended that the grains of a waterfall from the fabric. Water that settles in the folds of the umbrella will trigger mold and thin the fabric so that it can be torn quickly. Wipe also the iron handle so as not to rust.

Wash periodically
Like other items, umbrellas can also be damaged, dirty, and moldy. Therefore, the umbrella needs to be cleaned of moss or dirt which can damage the quality of the umbrella fabric. When off, take a moment to wash the umbrella regularly. The trick, pour a little spirit into the umbrella hood fabric. Rub the liquid using a soft cloth evenly until the umbrella is clean again. After that, wipe back the umbrella with a clean cloth including the handle. Then, dry in the sun to dry quickly while killing moss and bacteria.

Folding technique
Also, note the umbrella folding technique. Any folding method that does not follow the existing path will tear the umbrella fabric. In fact, if not careful the yarn in the umbrella that connects fabric with iron can break. Therefore, make it a habit to fold the umbrella in accordance with the plot.

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Hang the umbrella
After using the umbrella, you should put it by hanging. This is to avoid pressure on the floor. For folding umbrellas, if the umbrella has a cover, it is better to put it in to protect it from dust.

– Pay attention to the umbrella fabric
Thick fabric does not necessarily make the umbrella of good quality. Usually, the thick fabric has the disadvantage that the fabric is stiffer. This makes the umbrella cloth easily torn or hollow if the lid is often opened. A good umbrella fabric is not a thick material, but fabric material that is not too thin and not too thick but the fabric must be smooth. In fact, some quality umbrellas have fabric that is very smooth so that the water does not stick after use. It is also advisable to choose a fabric that has an anti-UV coating, it is very important to protect us from the rays that can damage the skin.

– Watch the handle of the umbrella
It is recommended to choose an umbrella with a rubber handle because it will certainly provide comfort when holding the umbrella and does not cause injury. In addition, the rubber handle can also provide a sense of stability when holding because it is not slippery. That is why choosing a rubber handle is highly recommended.

– The weight and size of the umbrella
If the umbrella is used for those of you who travel a lot, it should be noted for the size and weight of the umbrella is quite practical or not. Folding umbrellas can be the right choice for you who often go, especially with public transportation. Adjust the weight too so as not to overload the contents of the bag.

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