You Must Avoid These Mistakes When You Use A Hairdryer

Haircare is one thing that should not be missed if you want to get a healthy and perfect appearance. So, to style your hair to look beautiful like when you receive treatment in a salon, you might use a salon dryer. However, you may have heard that the hot wind produced by the hairdryer can eventually damage your hair. Then do you have to avoid using a hairdryer?

Research from South Korea In 2011 revealed that leaving the hair to dry naturally is equally at risk of damaging hair. It’s because the hair membrane cells will bend when in contact with water for quite a long time. Though starting from the process of shampooing until the hair is completely dry, it takes approximately two hours. Therefore, if it’s used appropriately, drying hair with a hairdryer can reduce the risk of damaging hair membrane cells.

Well, you should avoid various common mistakes that are usually done when drying hair with a hairdryer, such as:

When your hair is too wet

It is important to remember that hair should be about 70-80% dry before you use a hairdryer. Most people tend to immediately turn on the hairdryer after shampooing. If you do this often, your hair will get damaged faster because it is the same as you boil your hair which is still damp and wet. Instead, dry your hair with a soft towel or cotton cloth first by squeezing and patting your hair, not by rubbing it. Then brush your hair with a soft comb to reduce the water from the hair. Only then can you use a hairdryer.

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  • You can easily create different styles.
  • Hair dried in this way is not as confused, as with natural drying (especially if you go to bed with a wet head, you can find a real “nest” instead of a haircut in the morning).
  • The hair dryer can have an ionization function, it reduces the static charge, makes the strands more silky and docile.


  • Severe overheating; regular exposure to high temperatures over time can weaken curls, degrade their color and reduce volume.
  • High air flow rate; strongly hitting the air stream, the hair dryer can cause hair stratification, as a result of which they will strongly split.

You don’t protect your hair from hot winds

Using hairdryer too often does risk damaging the surface of the hair. Therefore, it is important to protect your hair from the hot wind produced by the hairdryer. After shampooing, coat your hair with serum, vitamins, or hair special lotion. You can also spray hair mist that can prevent hair damage due to heat. However, do not apply too many hair care products because the hair will feel heavier and harder to dry.

The hairdryer is too old

Although the expiration date is not listed, it turns out the hairdryer also has a certain usage period. In general, a hairdryer will only function well for 600 to 800 hours of use. If you use a hairdryer every day, that means you can use the same hair dryer for about 2 years. After that, your hairdryer will no longer function properly and this risks damaging your hair. Hairdryers that are too old will get very hot. Besides, the older your hairdryer, the more dust and dirt particles that stick when the hairdryer sucks air. The particles will clog the engine and block the wind out. Thus, you will also take longer to dry your hair with a very hot hairdryer.

You don’t separate some parts of your hair properly when drying it

Everyone has different parts of the hair. However, it should be noted that you should not dry out all parts of your hair at once. This will only take longer and the results will not be maximal. Divide your hair starting from the right and left sides of the face. Then, lift some of your hair on the outside so that the part you dry next isn’t too thick. Dry from the side of the face to the back of the head, but remember not to take too much hair to dry at once.

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