Donald Trump Furious About Floundering Truth Social App: Daily Beast

  • Donald Trump asked why the Truth Social app is not dominating the competition, reported the Daily Beast.
  • The app’s February rollout was plagued by technical difficulties, and it is currently trailing its competitors.
  • Sources said the former president has been heard swearing and complaining about the app’s lack of success.

Former President Donald Trump is furious about the underwhelming launch of his new social media app Truth Social, The Daily Beast reported, citing two sources familiar with the matter. 

Sources told the outlet Trump had been heard on the phone “swearing gratuitously” and asking “what the fuck is going on” with the app.

The former president’s long-hyped app came out on February 20, but technical difficulties plagued its launch.

Many people who downloaded the app say they could not create accounts or were placed on waitlists. 

The former president has been complaining about the negative press surrounding the app’s botched rollout, sources told The Daily Beast, demanding to know why more people aren’t using it and why it isn’t dominating the competition.

An analysis of the app’s traffic suggests that Truth Social is doing worse or the same as its MAGA app competitors like Gab and Gettr, The Daily Beast said.

While Truth Social had a sharp spike of around 2 million daily visits to the site when it first came out, the outlet said, citing data from traffic analysis site SimilarWeb, it then dipped to an average of approximately 300,000 visits each day.

It puts the site on par with Gettr but far behind Gab, which averaged around 650,000 daily visits in the same period, the outlet said.

It is despite Gab’s mobile apps ban from Apple and Google’s app stores. 

Truth Social’s lack of traffic could be due to the app’s long waitlist, which now has more than a million users, The Daily Beast said.

It is also currently only available on the Apple app store, and there is no Android or web version.

The former president is also apparently yet to post Truth Social, instead choosing to make TV and radio appearances to comment on current affairs, Axios noted.

Insider cannot verify whether or not Trump has posted, as Truth Social is still restricting access to the app.

The former president is both the founder and chairman of Truth Social, which he launched after  Twitter and Facebook barred him following the January 6 Capitol riot.