Google Advertising Salaries for Sales, Engineering, and Business Roles

  • Google attracts top tech talent and has more than 1,200 advertising jobs open.
  • The roles span across account management, marketing, and engineering.
  • Insider pulled salary data from 2020 and 2021 H1-B visas to see how much these jobs pay.

Google is the largest digital advertising player and consistently ranked as one of the top tech companies to work for.

The tech giant is hiring for more than 1,200 advertising-related jobs, according to the company’s career website — many of which pay six figures. A role leading Google’s display advertising business made $140,000 while an account executive earned $241,000.

Google does not disclose salary data, so Insider pulled federal salary data that all US companies are required to disclose to see how much staffers are paid. Insider analyzed the salaries of H-1B visa holders from the fourth quarter of 2020 through the third quarter of 2021. The numbers also do not include stock grants or commissions that often increase total compensation significantly for roles like sales.

The data only looks at a sliver of foreign workers in the US, but it gives job seekers some expectations around salary. (To see the salaries and titles at more companies, look at Insider’s salary database).

Sales, advertising, and account management

Google has 1,400 sales, service, and support roles across advertising and other areas like Google Cloud, Drive, and Retail positions. Some of the ad positions include an account executive to work with consumer goods, home and personal care brands and a head of industry for the business and industrial market.

These are some of the positions and the range of what visa holders make in similar positions.

  • Principal account manager: $155,000
  • Account executive: $141,000 to $241,000
  • Account manager: $92,000 to $213,000
  • Account representative: $134,360 
  • Account strategist: $87,500 to $169,000
  • Inside sales representative: $114,000
  • Sales representative III: $150,000
  • Customer success manager of sales: $167,000
  • Programmatic account manager: $142,500
  • Sales specialist: $125,000


Google attracts top engineering talent — reflected in the more than 3,000 engineering roles currently open. Available roles include an advertising solutions architect and a

marketing data

scientist to work on Tech Professional Services, a unit that provides business services to advertisers and publishers.

Here are some of the salaries for engineering roles that visa holders held:

  • Sales engineer: $136,000 to $191,000
  • Sales engineer manager: $129,000
  • Sales consultant: $153,000 to $187,000
  • Sales manager: $111,000 to $217,000
  • Sales operation associate: $102,000 to $207,000
  • Sales operations manager: $164,000 to $282,000
  • Sales operation senior associate: $135,000 to $191,000
  • Sales operation senior associate II: $169,000

Business strategy

Google lists more than 400 positions within the business strategy team like a director for YouTube’s video ads go-to-market strategy and operations and a strategy and operations manager for display ads and YouTube.

These are salaries for similar roles held by visa holders.

  • Data analyst of ads and measurement: $173,000
  • Display ads lead: $140,000
  • Sales strategy analyst: $138,000 to $176,000
  • Senior strategy analytics manager: $177,000 to $187,000