How to spend less on digital advertising while accomplishing more

Modern advertisers and companies needing a boost have a lot of tools at their disposal

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You don’t have to be a fan of Mad Men to know that advertising is massively influential and profitable. Just in Canada in 2020, digital advertising revenue in Canada was over $12.9 billion. If you’re running a business or working in advertising, you’ll be surprised to discover where all of the money gets spent.

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With so many commercials, pop-ups, and product placements disguised as long-form YouTube videos out there — it’s easy to see how much money gets poured into advertising. But, where is it effectively being spent? Well, that’s an entirely different question. While it may be your dream for your commercial to appear on a local public-access television station, it’s probably not the most practical use of your budget.

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How do I create an advertising budget? 

If you want to expand your online business, then searching for resources on the internet is only fitting. It’s dense with guides and articles about advertising history, philosophy, and data on today’s most successful companies and campaigns. But, unfortunately, it’s also filled with a lot of nonsense sourced by individuals who haven’t done their homework. So while reading up on your own for free is a good start, you’re eventually going to want some more formal guidance.

Here’s a great example: 

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