How to Win on Amazon in 2022: Marketing and Advertising

Twenty-five cents of every $1 spent shopping online goes to the third-party marketplace, making it the largest online retailer in the U.S. For brands and retailers looking to sustainably grow their revenue this year and beyond, it’s imperative that they focus on Amazon as a key sales channel.

When it comes to marketplace success, however, brands can’t take a “set it and forget it” approach. The right marketing and advertising strategies are key to attracting and converting Amazon customers — and these strategies should adapt to changing consumer behavior, supply chain challenges, and shopping trends and seasonality.

To win on Amazon in 2022, stay hyperfocused on these six best practices. While each of these strategies can individually increase your conversion rate and sales, they’re most successful when executed simultaneously.

1. Continually optimize your copy for SEO.

On a monthly/quarterly basis, perform competitive keyword research and update your Amazon product listing to stay relevant. Focus on optimizing your product title first, which is the most important part of a product listing. It drives clicks, keyword ranking, conversion rate, and is the No. 1 priority for keyword indexing. Next, prioritize the bullet points on your listing — they drive home the value features of the product, while incorporating those important search terms. Finally, the back-end of an Amazon product page allows you to import the exact keywords you want Amazon to index your product for.

2. Leverage a mix of quality product photography and video.

Around 70 percent of consumers will choose a specific listing based on the photograph alone. Product photography and now video have become increasingly important for brands selling on Amazon. Because Amazon customers are less brand loyal than those who shop directly from a brand’s website, product photos and videos can add in differentiating elements, highlight functionality, and reinforce product value.

According to Amazon video shopping experience data, Amazon shoppers who view a product video are 3.6x more likely to convert than those who do not. Videos are a highly effective way to provide an interactive experience showing off the utility and value of your product. Video is also very multipurpose across Amazon. If you’re brand-registered via Amazon Brand Registry, be sure to feature product videos on your Storefront and in Amazon Sponsored Video Ads, too.

3. Take advantage of A+ Content.

One of the most underused yet most effective elements of an Amazon listing is A+ Content. Located further down on the product listing page, A+ Content is a valuable retail space that enables brands to expand upon product details through branded content and creative. This highly visual content is an excellent opportunity for brands to share their unique story, highlight key features, expand on product specifications, and display a consistent cross-channel brand identity. Developing strategic A+ Content with a thoughtful approach to design and storytelling has proven to increase conversion rates by up to 25 percent.

4. Create a compelling Amazon Storefront.

Available to brand-registered sellers on Amazon, Storefronts (also referred to as Amazon Stores) allow brands to showcase all of their products in a single location, highlight top content, photography and graphics, and customize with personalized branding and logos. With an optimized Storefront, you can capture the attention of shoppers and use it as a landing page for advertisements to organize and showcase your full product assortment. Your Storefront should be iterative and evolve based on customer interactions, seasonality, emerging trends, and even important holidays throughout 2022.

5. Maximize paid advertising on Amazon.

Amazon Ads are a powerful way to drive purchases, increase consideration of your product, and reach customers at every stage of their journey. Amazon Advertising allows you to drive traffic to your listings and increase sales — it’s currently Amazon’s fastest growing sector. Any brand not currently utilizing Amazon’s advertising offerings is playing catch-up and missing out on key revenue.

The most important Amazon Ads to focus on this year are:

  • Sponsored Products
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Sponsored Brands Video
  • Sponsored Display
  • Amazon DSP

6. Enhance your customer experience.

Few things are more valuable to your Amazon sales than product reviews. As humans, we’re wired to care what others think, and as consumers, we look to reviews as reassurance and social proof. Nearly 80 percent of consumers visit Amazon to check product reviews prior to making a purchase, and over half of Amazon shoppers say reviews are one of the most important factors they consider. Providing timely order updates, promptly answering questions, and placing product inserts inside your packages are some of the best tactics to ensure a positive customer experience (and positive reviews).

Learn more about these best practices and more in SupplyKick’s 2022 Amazon Marketing Playbook.

Chris Palmer is the founder and CEO of SupplyKick, a top Amazon seller and agency providing brands with expert strategy and solutions to win on today’s leading marketplaces.

How to Win on Amazon in 2022: Marketing and Advertising