Microsoft Advertising rolls out dynamic descriptions for DSAs, which will become the default starting in April

Microsoft Advertising has launched dynamic descriptions for Dynamic Search Ads (DSA), the company announced Tuesday. Advertisers can opt for dynamic descriptions beginning today, but starting in April, all existing DSA campaigns will be forced over to dynamic descriptions and it will also become the default option for new DSA campaigns.

Microsoft Advertising will notify advertisers affected by this change via email with directions on how to opt out after the change occurs in April.

Examples of dynamically generated descriptions in DSAs
Examples of dynamically generated descriptions in DSAs. Image: Microsoft Advertising.

Dynamic descriptions for DSAs are available in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Why we care. Microsoft Advertising DSA campaigns can now dynamically generate both headlines and descriptions. However, this change also means that advertisers will lose control over their DSA descriptions starting in April unless they opt out.

Interestingly, the company added the ability to use static headlines for DSAs in March 2021. Those that are using static headlines in their DSAs will not be able to run them with dynamic descriptions, Microsoft said in the announcement.

Advertisers in sensitive verticals to remain opted out. Advertisers identified as belonging to sensitive verticals (such as pharmaceuticals, for example) will remain opted out of this change for existing campaigns.

How to start with dynamic descriptions. In your DSA campaign settings, there should be a new checkbox labeled “Enable dynamic search ad text.” Once enabled, the platform should begin generating dynamic descriptions based on the site content you’ve designated.

Top-performing dynamic descriptions can be found in your DSA Search Terms report in the new Descriptions column.

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Microsoft Advertising rolls out dynamic descriptions for DSAs, which will become the default starting in April