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Labels by Pulizzi has been a mainstay in Williamsport for more than 50 years, and with new owners in place, plans are to continue serving longtime customers while introducing its products to more people.

Meanwhile, Vincent and Selina Puluzzi plan to bring fresh energy to the printing business located at 3325 Wahoo Drive.

For Vincent, it means returning to the family business after pursuing other career options for a while.

“I had always grown up around the industry,” he said. “A lot of my family has worked here over the years. My father had been here. As a child, my dream was to come back here to work in the family business.”

Since taking over Labels by Pulizzi, the goal is to grow the business, he said.

The couple know of the challenges and the changing scope of the printing industry.

“Right now, it’s just the cost of everything,” Selina said.

Printing, she said, has become more sophisticated with competition from everywhere, rather than just local printers.

The couple described their business as “a leader in the flexographic and offset printing industry, offering print, promotional, custom products, and more.”

Vincent said as business owners they are, like many entrepreneurs today, up against supply chain issues combined with “rampant inflation.”

But they are both happy about their business as they continue to learn about successfully operating it.

“There is so much potential here. This company provides a lot of service that a lot of businesses in the area can’t provide,” Vincent said. “People see our products at the grocery store and donát even know we produce them. We definitely want to increase our presence.”

Vincent and Selina are happy they made the decision to buy the company.

“I met my wife here in Williamsport. We decided this is where we wanted to stay and settle down,” he said. “My family was looking to sell this printing company. My wife and I were in a position to buy it. I never thought my wife and I would actually own it.”

Among their plans are to reinvest in the company with new equipment and keep up with trends in the industry.

Expanding or reconfiguring physical space is possible at some point.

“We don’t see that as an immediate thing,” Selina said.

She credited their employees, many of whom have been with the business for numerous years, with helping them grow it and experience its rewards.

“In my opinion, it’s great,” Vincent said. “Being able to have my wife as my business partner is great. We get to spend more time together. I think through this entire thing it has brought us closer together.”

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Printing business brings fresh ideas, products