Eight Things The Best Marketers Do Really Well

Marketing is both an art and a science. It requires acute attention to detail, in-depth analysis, an understanding of mass psychology and a level of creative thinking that not many people possess. There are, however, several things that the best marketers all have in common. Below, eight members of Young […]

Why Marketers Are Returning to Traditional Advertising

Digital marketing technologies and their ecosystems have dominated growth in marketing budgets for over a decade. As consumers have shifted their attention from stationary media to perpetual media on the go, traditional advertising lost some of its appeal. In turn, marketers pivoted investments from television, radio, newspaper, events, and outdoor […]

8 Free Courses For Writers & Content Marketers

Barbara P. Sherrill

Increasing online competition and advancements in search technologies mean that writing content is about more than just having a solid grasp of the English language. Great content that performs well takes into account a variety of marketing factors that not even the most seasoned writers are necessarily familiar with. Before […]

SXSW Health 2022: Marketers’ must-see lists

Barbara P. Sherrill

For the first time since 2019, SXSW is back in person – and with it returns the much-anticipated health track, which has charted out an ambitious, innovation-minded agenda. Notable speakers include U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy, who will discuss the importance of rebuilding trust in public health; Pfizer CEO […]

How and why marketers should put up prices

Barbara P. Sherrill

My PhD thesis was about advertising. Specifically, supplementing the question ‘What does advertising do to consumers?’ with the additional perspective of ‘What do consumers do with advertising?’. My brilliant PhD supervisor, Professor Richard Elliott, wanted me to use ethnography to watch kids as they used and applied advertising in their […]

Why B2B marketers must attack the metaverse right now

Business-to-business marketers were slow to adopt digital platforms. Some were tortoise slow. Now with the metaverse suddenly thrust upon them, how should they be reacting? With most experts agreeing that a wait-and-see approach will just be history repeating itself, The Drum explores how and where B2B marketers should get involved […]

Marketers shouldn’t oversimplify the arguments

Investor Terry Smith criticised Unilever’s ‘obsession’ with the purpose of brands such as Hellman’s We ended 2021 with the furore that surrounded Peter Field’s talk for the IPA on brand purpose. And we started 2022 in much the same vein. Last week Terry Smith, the uber-influential investment analyst who runs […]