Sale Definition

What Is a Sale? A sale is a transaction between two or more parties in which the buyer receives tangible or intangible goods, services, or assets in exchange for money. In some cases, other assets are paid to a seller. In the financial markets, a sale can also refer to […]

US and EU Data Privacy Transfer Legislation Definition of Sale

The term “sale” is defined slightly differently between and among modern U.S. data privacy statutes with some statutes defining the term as including exchanges of personal information in return for valuable consideration, and others defining the terms as including only exchanges of personal information in return for monetary consideration. As the following […]

What Is A Probate Sale?

When someone dies, they leave behind an estate that contains all of the assets they owned during their life, such as cash, investments and real estate. The legal process through which these assets are sold, or divided amongst heirs, is called probate. If you’re looking to buy a home, you […]

GM’s Barra says self-driving car to go on sale in 2023

General Motors CEO Mary Barra recently turned to the past to define the present. Barra crafted the company’s statement of purpose, which GM introduced to all employees in January. When composing the statement, Barra said she struggled at first to find the right words, only to find inspiration from GM’s 100-year-old articles of incorporation.  Barra, […]

Leonardo DRS Announces Sale of Global SATCOM Business to SES

Combination of SES GS and DRS GES unites the leader in multi-orbit satellite networking with unparalleled US Government satellite communications integration to deliver broader suite of high-value, best-in-class satcom solutions to US government customers RESTON, Va., March 22, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Leonardo DRS Inc., announced today it has signed a definitive agreement […]