The 8 hottest graphic design trends in 2022

Graphic design trends don’t stop and start according to the calendar, and some should probably be taken with a grain of salt. But all designers need to at least be aware of the direction that design is going in (if only to explain to a client why a certain trend ISN’T right for them). Every year we have a stab at predicting the trends that will be hot in the next 12 months. Sometimes we get it wrong (we’ve been predicting VR hitting the mainstream since about 1997), but we can identify the concepts, themes and styles on the rise.

Graphic design trends are influenced by many factors, including changing tastes and fashions, as well as social and technological changes as design responds to the way we live and the products we interact with. So in this ever-evolving world, what will be the biggest graphic design trends for 2022? We’ve taken stock of what’s developing right now and sounded out designers and branding experts for their opinions to compile the selection of eight trends below.