Why Finding The Right Buyer Is Critical To Closing A Sale

CEO at Business Success Factors, advising companies in boosting their sales revenue and having top-performing sales teams.

In business, you have the ability to market your products or services to a wide range of people. Many choose to focus on ideal clients and direct their customer acquisition in this direction. This will bring in revenue, but solely focusing on an ideal client won’t make your sales work easier. In my experience, there’s a better way.

Let’s start from the beginning.

You will find a lot of definitions and explanations on the internet about target audiences, ideal clients, ideal buyers, ideal customers, client personas, buyer personas, customer personas, etc. That’s a lot of terms, and they are often so confusing they can leave you wondering, “Who should you actually focus on to get more sales in the easiest and most efficient way?” And worse, for many people, internet searches can be so overwhelming that they end up thinking everyone needs and can buy their product. As much as we would like this to be true, it’s not — and that’s actually a good thing.

Over time, I’ve learned that the simpler you can get when defining who you are selling to, the faster you will find, attract and close your sales. 

Begin with the ideal client in mind, but don’t forget the person.

At the end of the day, an ideal client is an actual person or company that you believe fits your product or service best and will provide you with the best possible return. But the challenge starts when trying to market your message and you only have the ideal client in mind. This would be like trying to get a job in a company you’d like to work for. You wouldn’t just show up at the door and say, “Here I am, and this is how you will benefit from hiring me!” It’s obvious there is almost no chance this will work, right?

Instead, if someone asked you how to find a job, you would probably say, “Identify the company you want to work with and then the person you can talk to about your potential hire.” The same is true in sales: You can market to your ideal company, but until your marketing or sales message is put in front of the right person within that company, the sale might be impossible. Behind your efforts will merely be the hope that the right person within the company sees your message.

The thing is that you can’t build your sales revenue based on hope. You need strategy, tactics and sales conversational skills to do so.

Define who your next buyer could be.

What I have found to work for years is to identify your ideal client first; then, find the right person inside the company who is involved in the decision-making process. Most importantly, be clear on who the right buyer is. The right buyer is the person who is responsible for the buying decision.

For example, in my sales advisory and consulting practice, my ideal clients at one time were training companies doing at least $3 million in revenue. If I marketed to these companies without having a specific buyer in mind, I would not have been effective at all. An employee might have heard my message and thought, “Hey, this guy is helping companies like us!” And most of the time, that’s where the story would have ended. But by targeting my message toward a sales manager specifically, for instance, they might have had the authority to take things a step further and pass my message onto the real buyer who had the final say.

I quickly recognized that in this specific scenario, the sales manager was the right person to start with. They were my influencers — the people you have to take into consideration when approaching your right buyer. And my right buyer was a CEO or a business owner of a company, as they were the ones making decisions about hiring me to improve their company’s sales revenue.

The moment you become fully aware of who your right-fit buyer is, you can prepare much more effective marketing and sales processes and do so in less time. You can also save money and frustration since you are no longer marketing your sales message to the wrong people.

When you want to grow your business revenue, you have to be serious about selling and doing so to the right people. Defining your ideal client will open the door to potential sales, but defining your right buyer is what will allow you to close your sale.

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